Blackbone is not only about
designing a home to look good.

It is about curating a visual and atmospheric experience that when you walk into our spaces, you feel good. We want you to feel at peace with your space. We want you to see yourself in your home.

Our Philosophy


Form follows function

What is the use of a beautifully designed home if it’s not serving you? At blackbone we believe that a beautiful home is a functional one. That is the heart of the widely held belief that form should follow function because a home should be comfortable, inviting, and above all purposeful. When it’s achieved, it will inherently be beautiful.


We make use of every space

This is a simple notion: every space and corner should have a purpose or reason to exist. When there is dead space in a home, it can cause a lot of confusion, irritation and anxiety.

To avoid that, we question the purpose of every corner in a room to plan your space effectively. Every small detail contributes to bringing a home together.


Less is more​

So often, people tend to care for the aesthetic that they don’t understand why spaces are designed in a particular way. The minimalist approach is about only carrying what is important for you and letting go of what no longer serves you.

This allows you to prioritize yourself and your life in the design of your home.


The Art of Equilibrium

To create a home that has a sense of order, unity and harmony we have to master a balance of proportions in designing your home. A space can be bold but it needs elegance. It can be eclectic but it should be inviting.

We strongly believe in finding the space between two extremes in design to bring to life a home that has a cohesive yet personalized identity.

At blackbone

We approach residential spaces whether new or old with the intention of finding the core of who you are.

We design in a way that considers your everyday habits, practices, characteristics and quirks. We do this to ensure two things: that how you function is mirrored in the functionality of your home and that there is a sense of warmth in the aesthetic.

That means, a home has to be functional. Every space has to have a purpose. Materials have to be sustainable and not trending. Following trends or designing a space that’s in relation to the present doesn’t always provide you with a long lasting home.

Our goal

Our goal is to create a home that will serve as an ever-lasting foundation in your life. This is luxury in itself. To do that, we lean on our philosophy: Form follows function, Make use of every space, Less is more, Balance of proportions.

collect things you love
that are authentic to you
and your life story


Story behind Our Founder

Zahira Shaban is an interior designer with roots in Argentina and Palestine.

Her focus on residential spaces started to grow when a lot of friends and family sought her advice on how to design their interiors as they moved into homes.

What she found was that many of them were focused on making their homes look ‘pretty’ over making them functional. They simply didn’t know how to make proper use of their spaces. They didn’t pay attention to the most important element in designing a home: themselves. Zahira realized that her approach to guiding their designs was firstly rooted in getting to know their lifestyle, habits, and routine.

With time, she became the default designer that specializes in space planning and designing functional homes which she found was a gap in the industry. By focusing on that, she is able to ensure that each home is personalized and tailored to each client. “When a client comes to me, I want them to feel like we’re designing a home that serves them. I want a client to not only love their home because it looks good, but because it feels good.”

Zahira wants to bring this approach to design in a region that stands in contrast to that. Her aim is for people to experience interior design in a way that is there to help them design their own life as well to create homes that will really withstand time.

With 6 years under her belt as an interior designer specializing in residential design, she founded Blackbone.