Our Approach


Getting to know you

Our initial consultation with you is guided by an open dialogue to listen to your needs and wants. After our initial kick off blackbone shares a questionnaire with you to get a better understanding of your lifestyle and requirements. We want to know what you’re like. Your daily habits and routine.

From sunrise to sunset and the in-between. The more we know, the better the design.


Getting to know
the environment and

The designs of cities and neighborhoods are designs that are catered to a collective identity. Blackbone takes inspiration from the neighborhood and surrounding of your home.

It examines how your home relates to the space around you. What you’d like to take into your home and what you’d like not to.

Understanding the connection to your surroundings is important because our aim is to also create an individualistic identity.


Creating the nucleus

Having done the research on your lifestyle and surroundings, we begin to create the home’s DNA with a main color palette, mood images and an initial material selection.This will shape the home’s character that we will use as a thread throughout the home’s various spaces.


Bringing it to life

This is the most exciting part of our journey. Bringing all the elements together to life to start planning and designing your space.